Who We Are

The FamilyThis is us.  We are a crazy family.  As you can tell, our mom, Sharon, raised us with animals.  I’m kidding, we lived in the house but we did have a lot of animals.  We were raised naturally, for the most part.  We raised and bred goats, and Sharon made everything you could think of out of the milk.  We had other animals too, but the goats were my favorite.  I’d love to tell you about the time that one of our goats locked her out of her running car, but I was young and don’t remember the police part of the story.

The following is a brief write-up about each of us.  Nothing we say should replace any advice given by your doctor, and our recipes should never be used in the case of a medical emergency.  Always contact your doctor as you normally would.  The FDA has not evaluated the recipes within these pages.


I have suffered from headaches and eczema nearly my entire life.  When it’s bad it’s intolerable.  I cannot continue to slather myself with steroid creams or jam my liver full of painkillers.  I’ve been doing that for over three decades and I am tired of it. Krista introduced me to essential oils.  I am never going back.  No more steroids.  No more worrying about my stomach or liver in order to deal with pain.  Once I realized I can make a 100% pure and natural cream for eczema or a pure and natural serum for headaches that actually works, I begun to wonder why we pay so much for “remedies” approved by the FDA that are ineffective.  I believe I have broken out of that cycle.  I have since found a gazillion uses for oils around the house and for all kinds of ailments or just plain mood encouragement.  I couldn’t be happier with this change in my life.  I make my own lotions now and oil combinations to combat my headaches.


I’m Mom.  I was always a person who would rather make my own than buy.  We learned the do-it-yourself lifestyle with the animals and the gardens.   I still make my own bread in the winter.  My family enjoys it a lot better than the store bought variety.  We produced our own food and dairy products back in the late 70’s and 80’s, but didn’t spend a lot of time on another part of self-sufficiency, natural health and wellness.  We’re coming into a time, I believe, where that information is going to be priceless.  So I am studying.  I do not believe that essential oils can cure or fix anything.  Some of the claims made by some folks who write about them are a little bit exaggerated.  We developed medications for a reason, and sometimes they’re just necessary.   Dealing with colds, sinus headaches, flu symptoms, skin rashes, sore muscles, bruises, cuts, stress and emotional and physical well being however, can easily be addressed with essential oils and natural products.  So, join us in our journey!


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