Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot Seed oil is steam distilled from the seeds of Queen Anne’s Lace (daucus carota), or the wild carrot plant.  It has a very strong earthy and warm aroma.  I really like the grounding scent of this oil.  My daughter is repulsed by it, probably only because of it’s potency.  It’s a matter of personal preference.  Just a drop adds a pleasant base to oils like ylang ylang and lavender when mixed together in a carrier oil for a face moisturizer.  This is one incredible oil that packs a healthy punch.  But be careful that what you are buying is 100% pure daucus carota essential oil, harvested from the seeds of Queen Anne’s Lace.  There are many places to buy carrot seed oil, make sure the company you decide to buy from is reputable.  Native American Nutritionals is one of my favorite places to look in cases like this, when the oil I want isn’t carried by doTERRA.  They also have very high standards in every single oil they put their name on.  Young Living would be another safe option.  I would be very wary of any low cost carrot seed oil on the market. Never buy any oil if it is labeled as “natural” “fragrance” or listed to be used for “aromatherapy”.  Cheap carrot seed oil is likely adulterated in some way, which decreases or may even eliminates some of the health benefits.  Keep in mind that fragrance oil or “natural oil” is not the same as pure essential oil.QueenAnnesLace

Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil:EssentialOil
• Antiseptic
• Antiviral
• Detoxifies
• Diuretic
• Disinfectant
• Digestive Support
• Purifier
• Stimulant
• Tonic

Carrot Seed oil is an effective antiseptic.  When applied to wounds, it can prevent infections.  It can cure infections of the skin as well as numerous skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, carbuncles, sores and ulcers.  When ingested* as directed it can help cure infections of the mouth, throat, and digestive tract.  It effectively relieves bloating and gas as well by regulating the flow of digestive juices.  It also helps your body to flush toxins from your system because it is a diuretic.  This benefits tissues, blood, muscles, kidneys and the liver.  Also, it’s immune-boosting antioxidants help fight off viral infections such as the flu, mumps and the common cold.

In addition to wounds, its benefits for the hair and skin are numerous.  It’s disinfectant qualities are incredible.  To use this oil as a skin cleanser, add a drop to a teaspoon of olive, almond or jojoba oil and massage into your face.  After 3-5 minutes, rinse your skin with lukewarm water and blot dry.  I use a little carrot oil in lotions, salves and hair and scalp conditioners.  Suitable for all skin and hair types, it can help keep your skin looking young, nourished and rejuvenated.  Mature skin benefits greatly by the improved elasticity and texture.  Carrot Seed oil can also help reduce the size and appearance of scars, wrinkles, discoloration, cellulite, and prevents sagging while evening out your tone and texture.  To reduce the potential of photosensitivity, always dilute with a carrier oil when applied topically.  If you experience issues with photosensitivity, try to reduce or eliminate your sun exposure for 12 hours after use.  On the scalp, Carrot Seed essential oil encourages new hair growth while helping to prevent hair loss.  It improves elasticity in hair, even in curly hair, preventing breakage and frizz.

For me, Carrot Seed oil’s real magic lies in its ability to rejuvenate your skin, tissues and blood at the cellular level.  It stimulates growth of new cells and tissues, which is helpful, especially to the mature body that might be slowing down.  It is believed that this quality in conjunction with its antioxidant properties, purifying and detoxifying benefits, neutralizes free radicals and even helps fight cancerous cells.

As a stimulant, this oil really performs.  Carrot Seed oil stimulates the circulatory system as well as metabolic function.  It stimulates the production of hormones and enzymes, as well as gastric juices and bile.  It also helps keep your digestive system on track, by promoting movement through the intestines.

Women who suffer from endometriosis or other painful menstruation conditions will find relief when using this oil.  It helps keep your hormones steady and improves the process, which results in less pain and more regularity.  For centuries, women used the seeds of wild carrot to prevent pregnancy.  This oil is more potent than a spoonful of seeds, and may cause bleeding, so please use care*.  WildCarrot

*Do not use this oil if you are pregnant.  Ask your doctor how this oil can help you before use if you are nursing.  Because Carrot Seed is a stimulant, do not use on anyone with Epilepsy or if there is a risk of seizure.  Can be used diluted one drop of essential oil to 5 drops of carrier oil topically on children over 6.  If you have any medical condition or are taking medications, consult your doctor before use.  Do not use internally at all unless the supplier suggests it as an appropriate use.  When taking internally, so so strictly as directed by a doctor or certified aromatherapist.  Carrot Seed oil overdose can cause vomiting and convulsions. 

The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA.



Organic Homemade Lip Balm

On my journey learning about essential oils, I came across some homemade remedies using organic materials.LipGloss_MG_9630

I don’t know about you, but winter is chapped lip time.  The wind and the cold is just brutal to lips.  Using petroleum based products is not very appetizing, nor is it likely healthy.  With just a few supplies in less than half an hour, you can make your own far superior products.  All of the supplies are available through Amazon.  You’ll need an eye-dropper or what they call a pipette to transfer the balm into your lip balm tubes or pots.  You can use either; it’s up to you.   The disposable pipettes make cleanup a lot easier.

You can also get cocoa butter, beeswax and coconut oil at Amazon.  Remember, both coconut oil and cocoa butter will melt in your hand, or in a container in your pocket. You need the beeswax to help keep it solid.  I usually carry mine in my purse.

This balm is very luxurious and long lasting.


1/2 oz. beeswax.  I used Organic, premium quality, cosmetic grade from HansiOrganics (sold on Amazon).
2 TBS Organic Cocoa Butter (also at Amazon).
1 TBS Organic Coconut Oil, not fractionated.
1 Vitamin E Capsule contents
10 drops of your choice of essential oil. I used Peppermint (available here:
Makes 6 tubes

In a glass pint or smaller jar placed in a small pan with a small amount of water in kind of a double boiler effect, slowly melt the beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil. Cut the end off of the Vitamin E capsule and dump into the glass jar. The beeswax will melt slowly. When contents are completely melted, add the essential oil and stir.

Then take your pipette and transfer the melted mixture to the container you choose. As they start to harden they will shrink slightly and can be topped off. If you keep it in the hot water it will stay liquid long enough for you to do this. That’s how easy it is.

This can be changed to a healing balm by changing the essential oil. You can choose any that are considered safe. There are essential oils that speed healing of Herpes Simplex cold sores.  Lavender, Tea Tree and Oregano Essential Oils are all good choices. Whatever you choose, keep it at 10 drops essential oil for this mixture. While there are studies on individual essential oils for their effectiveness against Herpes Simplex, they have not been verified by the FDA.  Results may vary.

Anything you use on your lips should obviously be safe, so always use 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

With all natural remedies, if you are under the care of a doctor, or are pregnant or nursing, consult your medical provider.  As always, make sure the oils you use will not interfere with any medications you are taking, or if you plan to use them on children, that they are safe.